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  • Наш адрес: 450069, г. Уфа, Производственная, д.3/2.
  • +7 (347) 267-29-22, отдел продаж +7 (347) 267-00-00

About us

LLC "Control Package" is a modern technology company that produces flexible polymer packaging for dairy and bakery production, confectionery and frozen food, snacks and beverages, household chemicals and organic fertilizers.

LLC "Control Package" carries out production activities throughout the Russian Federation and supplies finished products to more than 5 countries of the EAEU.

Mission of LLC "Control Package»

Reliable, efficient and balanced provision of Customers with high-quality modern packaging, using high-tech raw materials according to international ISO quality certificates of products.

Strategic goal of Controlling Stake LLC»

Formation of LLC "Control Package" as a leader in the supply of packaging products among global multinational companies by ensuring the reliability of supplies, increasing the efficiency of activities, using the scientific and technical potential of the production process.