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Dairy film Ufina® - optimum packaging for dairy products.

Produced with a white and a black layer with a thickness of 70, 80 or 90 microns.

Milk film Ufina® available in four forms:


  • Ufina® Economy
  • Ufina® Standard
  • Ufina® VIP
  • Ufina® «Finnish»

Each type of dairy Ufina® film has the characteristic advantages:

  • Good strength of welds at high speed packaging equipment;
  • Specially selected composition of imported polyethylene provides a wide range of welding;
  • It provides maximum equipment performance and reduces the reject rate;
  • Attractive appearance of the packaging - gloss.

Series Ufina® Economy is suitable for automatic packaging machines with speed up to 24 units/min.

Series Ufina® Standard is suitable for packaging machines with speed of 40-45 units/min. It is more glossy compared with Economy film. Its main advantage - the film is optimal in terms of price and quality.

Ufina® VIP Series is optimal for large enterprises and high-speed lines at speeds of packaging 45 units/min.

Series Ufina® «Finnish», is combining all the benefits of  Ufina® films, more esthetically attractive packaging - layer, which is directly in contact with the product, are not black, because black layer located between two white ones.


Packaging material Poleana® - biopolymer material, fine

suitable for packaging cottage cheese and cheese, butters, spreads and margarines.

Poleana® combines the properties of the polymer film and face of a paper, by which the printing looks bright and attractive product.

Benefits Poleana® film:

  • oil-, fat- and water-resistant,
  • sturdy and rigid packaging,
  • It has a good "memory"
  • It protects against UV radiation,
  • It has a higher yield compared with the laminated foil;
  • film is environmentally friendly, recyclable.

Tepliy sad®tepliisad.jpg

The three-layer greenhouse film Tepliy sad® has improved physical and mechanical properties that allows to use film with smaller thickness, compared with a single-layer film.